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Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Earn 1.5% Cash Back!1

For everyday expenses, large purchases, or transferring balances to consolidate high-interest debt, the Soarion Visa Platinum Rewards Card is the perfect match for you.

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Soarion Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card being used in a purchase
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New - Earn 1.5% Cash Back!

We are excited to announce that we’ve added a cash back option to our CURewards® program.


Now you can redeem your points for cash back in addition to travel and merchandise. You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent with your Soarion Visa® Platinum Rewards Card.1 Redeem points directly in Digital Banking or through our Mobile App. 

Transfer Now and Save!

Take advantage of our on-going Balance Transfer promotion offer (0% for 12 Billing Cycles with fee equal to 3% of total amount transferred) for New Accounts if completed within the first 90 days of account opening.


Use this balance transfer offer to: pay off high-interest credit card and loan balances; simplify things with one monthly statement instead of many; get started on projects around the house; or plan a trip or anything else you need.

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    Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card Features

  • Automatic enrollment in 1.5% Cash Back1 CURewards program.

  • Earn 1 reward point for every $1 spent

  • Works with most Digital Wallets including with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

  • No annual fee

  • Low interest rate

  • Annual account summary

  • CURewards program

  • 2,500 bonus points the first time you use the card

  • Zero liability protection in case of fraud

  • No interest charged on purchases if balance is paid in full each month by the payment due date

    Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card Benefits

    Low Interest Rate

    Works with Digital Wallets

    Auto Rental Insurance

    Travel Accident Insurance

    Baggage Delay Insurance

    Visa Platinum Credit Card Rewards Rate

    Rates effective as of:

    Account APR* as low as
    Visa Platinum Card 16.50%

    * APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

    Your APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. Rates subject to change without notice. Subject to credit approval.


    Minimum monthly payment due will be the greater of: a) 2.5% of outstanding balance, or b) $10.




    Membership required.


    Our CURewards® program is an exciting benefit that rewards you for using your Soarion Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card. Every qualifying purchase made with your Soarion Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card will earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, hotel stays, vacation packages and now, cash back. 


    Accounts must be open and in good standing (not canceled or terminated by either party; not delinquent, over limit, or otherwise not available to use for charges) at time of redemption. Awards are not available when a cardholder is in default under the card agreement. We reserve the right to suspend the cardholder's participation in the program until the account is in good standing. Points are forfeited if/when the card account is closed for any reason.



    We automatically enroll all credit cardholders in the CURewards® Program.  


    Earning Points

    Points are earned based on the dollar amount spent on signature-based qualifying purchases only. Credit card purchases will earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Primary accounts only. Cash advances do not earn points. You will earn rewards based on qualifying purchases. There is no cap on the maximum number of points that can be earned per billing cycle or per calendar year. Qualifying purchases are the purchases of products or services that post to your account, minus any returns, refunds, or other adjustments made with your Account by you or an Authorized User of your Account.


    Viewing and Redeeming Points

    Points will be posted on the program website You will need to create a Login and Password to access their information. Alternatively, you can view and/or redeem your points in Digital Banking or the Mobile App by clicking on ‘Manage My Card’. Points earned will also appear on credit card statements. All available options are displayed on the site along with point values. You may redeem points when you have earned sufficient points for the award desired. Cash back may only be deposited to a Soarion Credit Union deposit account or redeemed for an account credit. You will need to enter your Soarion checking or savings account number to redeem cash back. Allow 10 business days for cash back to be deposited into your account. 


    Account credits will reduce your balance due but are not considered payments. You must still make your normal payment as defined in the cardholder agreement. Points are calculated and made available for redemption with each cycle. Points have no cash value. Allow 5 business days for account credits to reduce your outstanding balance. 



    When Points Expire

    Points will expire after five years.  The year in which they were earned will be deemed the first year and will expire on December 31st of the fifth year.