AFFCU is now Soarion Credit Union: Here's what you need to know


On April 2, 2024, AFFCU officially began operating as Soarion Credit Union. This represents an exciting phase of our growth as a credit union. We also know that changes like this can be challenging at times. That's why we've put together some helpful info below to clarify what this change does and does not entail.


Soarion Credit Union Logo


As always, feel free to reach out to us with further questions at (210) 673-5610.

Name Change FAQs

We learned that the name "AFFCU" was an obstacle that caused market confusion over who can join and was not inclusive of the wide range of members we serve and the great value we offer. The Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to change the AFFCU name in order to welcome in more members and support our long-range growth and sustainability.

No. The name change is not the result of a merger or acquisition of any kind. We will continue to be owned by you, our members, just as we are today. In fact, we have changed our name twice before since we first began in 1952 as Lackland Air Force Base Federal Credit Union.

The new name presents wide open opportunities to honor our proud roots and tell our brand story in fresh new ways. The name “Soarion” is a combination of “Soar” (to fly high) and “orion” (a prominent constellation representing guidance.) We’re here to help every one of our members fly higher than they ever have before. 

We spent many months working with a team of Management and Board of Directors under the guidance of an experienced and respected national financial branding firm. We launched the new name on April 2, 2024.

On April 2, 2024, AFFCU officially changed its name to Soarion Credit Union. Changes in our branches from signage, plastic cards and merchandising may take a few additional months following that date.

There will be no impact to your existing relationship with us, accounts, or any changes to your day-to-day banking. Changes to our exterior signage, brochures, stationery, and a rebranded website began April 2, 2024.

Yes. The credit union will remain 100% owned by you, the members.

The employees that you’ve grown accustomed to serving you will be here ready and on point to provide the personalized service that you expect.

Our current field of membership encompasses anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in qualified areas of San Antonio, Del Rio, TX, and Mississippi Counties of Clay, Lowndes, and Oktibbeha.

No, your account numbers, usernames, and passwords will remain the same.

No. Everything will stay the same. Our routing number 314085504 will not change, and your account number(s) will remain the same. It is not necessary to take any steps to update automatic payments or direct deposit.

Rates and fees will not be affected by the name change. We will continue to monitor our highly competitive rates and lower fees as we always have to ensure high value and return to our members. Rates and fees do fluctuate, as they adjust in response to market conditions.

Yes. Our Federal charter will remain unchanged and we will stay a Federal Credit Union even though we will remove Federal from the name and logo. Federal in our name has been confusing to many consumers, leading them to believe we serve only people employed by the Federal Government. The removal of Federal also shortens the name which makes it easier to use (e.g. brand signage, etc.)

Yes. Deposit accounts for each share owner remain federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Yes. Your credit card will still work as it always has. Your debit card and PIN will continue to work as they always have. In the months following the name change, we will reissue credit and debit cards with the updated name and new contactless technology.

Yes. You can continue using your existing checks until they run out. Upon reorder you will see the credit union’s new name and logo on your checks.

In most cases, your documents will be unaffected by the name change. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your legal documents.

Loan payments (or any checks payable to the Credit Union) will be accepted to AFFCU for the duration of 2024.

All phone numbers will remain the same. Our new website address will be You won’t have to do anything, since the current website address and email addresses will automatically redirect you to the new addresses for the duration of 2024.

No, nothing will change, and your current credentials will work. Users of our Mobile Apps for iOS and Android will be prompted to update their App on or around April 2, 2024. Eventually, members with a saved bookmark to our old website will need to be updated to our new website. We will assist with this process.

No. Our Financial Centers will continue to be open and available to you the same days and times that you expect.

There will not be any changes to the statement cycle. Keep a watch in your mail for our new statement stationary with the new name beginning in May 2024.

We consider the costs associated with changing our name to be a smart investment in the future of our Credit Union. Some of the costs simply shift to using the new name and logo in print. The new name is an investment that will help us serve more families in our communities and fulfill our mission to empower people through our care and guidance.

Please stop by our office during business hours, call (210) 673-5610 or visit our website at